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Learning to Bowl

A Great Example

From 0 experience to 150 average in just 4 weeks!
A 220 Average in just three years!   But how?

Using the Military Method of instruction, this Bowler who had absolutely NO experience in bowling went from gutter balls to a 150 Average in just 4 weeks. That season he made the cut to get on his High School Junior Varsity Bowling Team. By the end of his very first season he had a 181 Average and was presented his Varsity Letter.  We kept working with him and during his second season tryouts produced a 208 average. In his third High School season he earned Most Valuable Player on his team, earned a Silver medal in State Sectionals (778), and made the State Finals. He was also the top Bowler in his community USBC Sanctioned bowling league with 11 in a row, and  missing 300 by one frame a number of times. (ouch!)  He concluded his High School Bowling career  with a 220 average, all while adjusting his game in the middle of the bowling season due to  more than 10 stitches is one of his finger tips due to a school locker accident. (Double ouch!)   His Sport Shot Average is 200 in the local PBA Experience League.  Those 300s finally came with one of them continuing into the next game with 19 strikes in a row.

Q - How on Earth is this possible?

A- Mental discipline of course but mainly by concentrating on the top 20 percent of information that results in an 80% pay back. And Drill!  Drill!  Drill!

Q - How can You achieve similar success?

A- By doing the same thing.

Did you ever wonder how the military can take a 17 year old kid and turn him into a highly skilled soldier in just 12 weeks?  The transformation is incredible.

Did you know that you can use the same Training Principles in sports training?
Especially a precision sport like bowling.

It comes down to:

1) Attitude.

2) Mission

3) Expert Training

Attitude - The willingness to learn and take direction from those who are experts. The understanding that instructions, commands, or directions are not criticisms or put downs but a part of the time tested method of building winners. Your positive attitude, even when tested to its limits, is essential and without it there can be no success.

Mission First - The single-mindedness to push through, over, under or around any and every obstacle thrown in your path. To reset and restart as many times as it takes to accomplish your objective, without anger, or frustration, but with shear determination. Ignoring temporary failures which are part of the success process and continuing until you achieve your objective.

Expert Training - Getting a good local USBC bowling coach, watching expert training videos over and over and over again, watching PBA Tournaments on TV and replaying parts in slow motion many times to observe the common denominators that most pro bowlers seem to display. WATCHING DVDs and READING Books written by PBA Players, trainers, coaches, attending bowling clinics, etc.

More importantly you need to know what you need to know. (See Expert Training)

And perhaps most importantly ....... Don’t make it more complicated than it really is. All too often players try to substitute fancy balls, wrist braces, this, that and the other thing for the main missing ingredients and that is having proper form and motion, and understanding the playing surface and your balls. Of course the willingness to practice drills as well as games will produce skills and confidence you have never known before in this sport.  If you understand a few key concepts this game gets a lot less frustrating and a lot more enjoyable. And yes, your average will steadily improve.

Coach Lee back when he took A Silver Medal in State Sectionals

Just a handful of awards on the road to success! It sure feels good to win. And you can do it too!

Proper Training pays off!

What I learned from the Pros:

  • From Fred Borden: The Technical Game
  • From Ken Yokobosky: The Advanced 5 Adjustments
  • From Danny Wiseman: To never give up.
  • From Parker Bohn: To Bowl with my heart.
  • From Jeff Carter: To accelerate into my shot.
  • From Shannon O’Keefe: Follow through.
  • From Norm Duke: To Keep your Mental Game strong and don’t worry.
    (Even if your down by 42 pins!)

What I learned from my Community League Coaches and Pro Shop Operator

  • Timing
  • To get a proper Grip and Fit on my Balls
  • You have to have an Arsenal (and know how to use it)
  • Not to loose my temper
  • Don’t focus on the score, focus on the lane condition
  • Listen to (or watch) what your ball trajectory is Telling you.
  • Some days you eat the lanes and some days the lane eats you, and the more you practice perfectly the more you eat the lanes
  • When you chuck one in the gutter don’t worry, your ball will be right back.
  • Have fun!

                                                                                   Coach Lee V.
Locally World Famous Bowler
                                                                                                              &  USBC Certified Coach


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