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Learning to Bowl

Here are some Tools to help you master the game of Bowling. Click the links for full page print outs of Illustrations and worksheets. Permission granted for Bowlers and Coaches to reproduce unaltered  with credit for training purposes. Rights reserved for commercial use.

Know Your Pins
Fill in the missing Pins
Click here for worksheet

Knowing the pin numbers is important so you can identify them when a book, DVD or coach is talking about making strikes and how to make your spares, especially the splits.


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The Lane

Know Your Lanes

The Lane is your “Playing Field”

The Lane is 60 Ft long from the Foul Line to the Head Pin.

The lane is about 41 inches wide but is “Measured” in Boards. There are 39 Boards. Board 20 is the Center Board counting from either side. It is marked by the Center Arrow.  Arrows are 5 boards apart for easy Board Counting.

Click Here for full page diagram

“Knowing what is called what is crucial when targeting, and also helps in describing and understanding ball travel, location and reaction when analyzing and adjusting your shots.”

                   Coach V. -


Bowling Essentials

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