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Learning to Bowl

High School Team or other Competitive Bowler?
Join our Bowling Boot Camps or Training Leagues.

Summer 2016 Bowling Boot Camp
 Beginner to Advanced
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Everyone needs a coach - especially if you compete for score.  One of the biggest problem facing High School Bowlers is that the High School Coaches are not allowed to have contact with their players before or after the “Official HS Bowling Season” which is only several weeks long. They can only coach them when the season starts, or risk suspension. (New Jersey Rules)  Well.....that’s like handing a new army recruit a rifle and sending him into combat and telling him “ don’t worry kid you get  on the job training”.  In the real world, intense training takes place way before actual combat so you can survive and win. Sports training is the same way.  If you go up against a team that has had proper training and you haven’t, the game is already over before the first ball is rolls down the lane.   To win - you need to train.

Join our Bowling Boot Camps and be ready for a very different Bowling Experience.
You’ll get great on the lane training, but also find out why most of your training takes place well before you even step up on the wood.

Some things to consider
before you sign up.
Especially for teenagers.


*If you think you know it all you probably don’t.

*Don’t expect “Instant Results” - it’s why we go several weeks.

You have to be willing to listen, and move out of your comfort zone in order to gain more pins.

If you’re a 220 PBA Sport Shot Bowler, at several Houses on various lane conditions it will take a few sessions to analyse your delivery so we can begin to discuss how to fine tune it. If you’re not - shut up and listen. (You’ll thank us later!)

Bowling Essentials

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