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If you just want the ease and convenience of a lift or elevator call us.

If you are concerned about meeting FEMA regulation and want easy access to your elevated home (especially with packages, groceries, fireplace wood, etc.) call us for information on cost effective residential elevators

An Application for Everyone!

The manually operated dumbwaiter is not new. For years apartment and house dwellers throughout the world have depended on the manual dumbwaiter to carry household items up and down from the ground floor entrance. Similarly, with fireplaces or stoves on multiple levels a manual dumbwaiter is a major convenience for the transportation of coal or firewood.


  • Seasonal storage transfer
  • Grocery transfer
  • Laundry transfer
  • Wood transfer
  • Prepared food transfer
  • Easy access to elevated homes


  • Food service
  • Money handling
  • Computer service
  • Materials handling
  • Mail and correspondence
  • Transferring items from stock
  • Easy access to elevated businesses


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