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Learning to Bowl

Great news!  Anyone can Learn to Bowl!

If your local to Toms River, New Jersey then sign up for this ďLearn to Bowl ProgramĒ conducted at Playdrome Lanes located at Conifer St. and Rt. 37

This program is intended for Youth Bowlers from Intermediate School
through High School and Post Secondary Students.

So if youíre looking for Bowling Lessons in Toms River - this is the place!

Beginners: Click here for Learn to Bowl Spring 2012 Flyer

High School Bowling Team Players:
Click Here for Spring 2012 Flyer:

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USBC Certified Coaches

|Contact the Coaches at BowlingEssentials.com


Q - Who should participate? Any student who wants to learn how to bowl or students that already bowl but want to improve their game. If you need more pins - sign up.

Q - Do I need my own equipment? No. Use of Balls and Shoes are included with this program if you need them. If at some point you decide to stick with the game, we can help you select an inexpensive ball to be custom drilled just for your hand.  If your still growing take it easy on the shoes, you can quickly out grow them - the pro shop has inexpensive but good quality shoes for beginner bowlers. You can adjust balls a bit as you grow but not shoes. Again - you can use the House balls and shoes for free with these lessons.

Q - How much does it cost? These group lessons cost only $15.00 per week for the two hour session. Free Game passes are also given out each week for two additional games so you can come back and practice some more on your own time.

Q - When and Where are the Lessons.   Playdrome Lanes - Rt 3t and Conifer St. Toms River. Awaiting new Fall Schedule

Q - Two hours of Bowling sound like a lot, what if I get tired, etc?   The first hour is the heavy instruction with the second hour for you to practice and reinforce the lessons. The coach is still there but we lighten up a bit.  You can also pace yourself to match your endurance as it builds up. If you want to leave early thatís fine.

Q - Iím not very coordinated, I afraid Iíll look stupid. Most people feel that way when they try something new, thatís why we started Learn to Bowl - weíre are all here for the same reason, to learn to bowl.
We can guarantee that if you follow our simple instructions you will not only keep the ball on the wood but you will take down more and more pins each week. And when you dump a ball in the Gutter - donít worry... it will be right back.

Q Whatís required of me? Show up. Have a positive mental attitude. Be kind and considerate to your fellow players. Follow rules and instructions. No bad language. No negative self talk. Be ready to have fun.

Q Iím on a high school team what if I have a match or practice that falls on the same day as the lesson? Just let us know and you can skip the $15 fee that week.

Q Are the lessons skewed for fun or competitive bowling? Both. But if you want to train for high school or college competition please tell the coach. If your just there to learn for the fun of it tell them that also. The Coach will tailor your instruction to what you want.

Q -Is it true that there are more Scholarships available for the College Sport of Bowling than any other sport? Yes.

Q Are private lesson also available? Yes but they cost more.  See the coach for a list of coaches available for private lessons.


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