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It’s like having a auto repair mechanic in
the family right here
in Toms River

Auto Repair in Toms River
Family Auto Care LLC
2291 Massachusetts Ave. Toms River, New Jersey  08755

Cars - Trucks - SUVs  Fleet Service Too!

Shop: 732-961-2000  Towing 732-349-1371

For Auto Repair
 in Toms River, NJ call
Family Auto Care LLC

Phone Number 732-961-2000


With over 30 years of “real” mechanical experience we can fix problems some younger mechanics haven’t even heard of. (like carburetors on vintage automobiles for instance).  That experience helps us a lot when we work on the new cars too, confirming what the computers are telling us might be up with your car. (Hmmm is that really a valve job …or is this here wire just bad?)


A note from one of our customers: “…I was quoted over $600 at a "dealer" to fix a rough engine problem, telling me what a BIG job it was….I brought it to Family Auto and did not say a word. In less than an hour my car was fixed … my bill was $15.00 for a defective ignition cable. Needless to say I found a mechanic I could trust and stick with. That car now has over 325,000 miles on it because of great maintenance by Family Auto. Oh by the way, in all those miles it NEVER needed what the dealer tried to sell me.” BV Toms River.


I use my car to drive 50 miles to work and 50 miles back every day. Family Auto has maintained my vehicle for most of this time. I switched to Family Auto after having my car serviced at a dealer the first few years. I used to complain to the dealer that my A/C was not cold and got nothing but excuses (and big fat bills). Family Auto found that a heater valve was sticking open just a little and interfering with the cold air. It was a simple cable adjustment! The dealers could not fix it for 5 years - Family Auto fixed it in just one visit. Now I really do have a “cool” car. Thank you Family Auto.  CF Toms River

For over thirty years Family Auto Repair of Toms River has provided great service to hundreds of satisified customers.

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When you need car repair or auto maintenance in Toms River call Family Auto Care. 732-244-5332

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