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Regarding auto repair we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at 732-244-5332

What kind of repairs do you do?
We do almost every kind of mechanical, electrical, body hardware, and accessory repair
If it is on your car - we can work on it.

What about windshields?

What kind of maintenance do you do?
Oil Filter Lubes, Tune-ups, Transmission Service, Windshield Wipers, Headlights, Power Steering, Batteries, Charging System Service, Radiator Flush, Engine Cleansing (Internal), Transaxial, Air Conditioning, rear end service, bearing repacks, and more. If it’s on your car or truck and it’s needs replacement, repair or routine maintenance - we do it.

Do you rebuild engines?
Yes. We Install new engines (With warranties) and also can rebuild your engine.

Why are your rates so low?
Once you visit us - you will understand. We don’t have a fancy place. We don’t have a fancy sign. We don’t have a fancy entrance, in fact we are 100 feet down an unpaved driveway on Rt 9. We don’t have a “Service Manager” in a white shirt that explains why your bill is so high. We don’t have a cashier that takes your money. We don’t have any fancy-pants extras that drive up costs that are passed on to you.  What we do have here are honest mechanics with lots of experience. The guy you talk to is the guy who  works on your car.

We’re not fancy but we do great work at a very reasonable rate

Do you work on new cars?
Yes. We can do all service and scheduled maintenance that keep your warranty valid.

I have an older car - will you work on it?
Older cars are the heart of our business. We work on the new stuff too. But because we have been in business for years and do such a great job keeping our customers cars running great they keep them a really long time. So you will see everything in our shop from a Rolls or Bently, to a brand new car to a  rust bucket commuter car that purrs like a kitten. So the answer is if it’s yours and it’s on wheels we’ll work on it.

My Car is really in rough shape - is it worth working on?
That depends. Very often a customer thinks his car is ready for the junk heap. But after a good looking over we are able to offer a recommendation to put the car back in decent working condition.  If the car is not a antique or one with little value and the cost of repair exceeds the cost of a newer car, well then it’s time to look at a new or new used car that is in better condition.  If you are not sure, call us and we can give you an opinion and  an estimate.  Some models are worth keeping on the road and other are just a can of worms. We’ve seen plenty over the years - so you benefit from our experience.

In miles - how long should a car last?
A well made car that is properly taken care of can last for hundreds of thousands of miles. The problem is that even with solid cars the owners neglect the routine maintenance and that seriously cuts into the life expectancy of the car. We have a customer that has been with us for a long time and has 375,000 miles on their 1994 Accord and commutes about 100 miles a day getting 31 MPG.

Dose routine and preventative maintenance really make that much of a difference?
Yes. Yes. Yes. 
 Because when one part gets old and worn out before it totally fails it very often stresses out other parts it’s connected to. Here’s a fact: Parts wear out. So replace them before they affect the other parts. It’s like you have a pair of shoes that are wearing out but you keep putting off getting a new pair, even though you have the opportunity to do so. You figure you will just keep walking and save the money. But after a while you realize that you have now worn a hole not only in the sole but now your socks are frayed. To make matters worse your arches have fallen because the shoe was worn out, and now you have a foot problem. So now you replace your shoes but have to get new socks and pay the foot doctor.

It is a LOT cheaper to do repair and maintenance ahead of the curve than behind the curve. You are going to do it no matter what so you might as well do it early and avoid the “Unnecessary repairs”

Can preventative maintenance really save me a lot of money.
Yes Yes Yes
Here are two actual examples:
One: A customer put off checking his brakes - he heard the chirpers but the car was still stopping OK. He came to us only when the car made a really bad metallic scraping sound. Instead of simply replacing a couple of brake pads, he had to buy new rotors and pay for their installation. That kind of mistake can cost between 100 to 500 dollars depending on the car.
Two: A Customers son kept driving his car even though “It felt a little funny”. He didn’t want to miss out on any fun with his friends so didn’t make the time to have it checked out. Now it was making funny sounds and had no power. Winds up a fifty cent grommet wore out and a control rod fell off that connected the engine to the transmission. The control rod was fine - but the $3,500 transmission was toast. Talk about “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” The real sin was it took the mechanic less that 20 minutes to find the broken grommet and replace it. ($20 labor - no charge for the grommet). As for the transmission itself..... well Junior is still paying dad back for that one.

Do you work on Collectible Cars?


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When you need car repair or auto maintenance in Toms River call Family Auto Care. 732-244-5332

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