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It’s like having a auto repair mechanic in
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Auto Repair - in Toms River
Family Auto Care LLC
2291 Massachusetts Ave. Toms River, New Jersey  08755

Cars - Trucks - SUVs  Fleet Service Too!

Shop: 732-961-2000  Towing 732-349-1371

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For Auto Repair
 in Toms River, NJ call
Family Auto Care LLC

Phone Number 732-961-2000

Shop 732-961-2000     Fax 732-244-5536    Towing 732-349-1371
Car needs work?      Call us!

Family Auto Care of Toms River - Car maintenance and repair.

Auto Repair in Toms River

Family Auto Care can maintain and repair your family or business autos and small to mid size trucks.
Tune-ups, brakes, tires, shocks, mufflers, fuel injection, oil change, lubes, filters, and whatever it takes to keep your vehicle running right.  Even small maintenance items you may not have time to tackle like wipers, headlights or bulb replacements.

Whether you need automotive service, parts or advice we have what you need at prices you can afford. At Family Auto Care LLC, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber, at affordable rates.  Serving Toms River for over 20 years.

2291 Massachusetts Ave
Toms River, New Jersey 08755
Shop 732-961-2000  or
Fax 732-244-5536 
Towing 732-349-1371


Now is the time to CHANGE your Fluids. Here’s why: The Additive protective chemicals in the fluids wear out or are compromised over time. Oil is easy - it looks dirty. But Coolant,  Transmission Fluid etc. go unnoticed. Brake Fluid for example picks up moisture leading to brake line corrosion and then uh -oh. Old engine coolant silently corrodes the inside of an aluminum engine till it’s too late.  Ask any mechanical engineer what’s the best way to prolong the life of a machine - “Always change fluids and lubricants on schedule”.
Besides it’s waaaaay cheaper than repairs.

“It’s always better to drive in for service than to be towed in for a repair”
                                                                              Frank Wilson

At Family Auto Care LLC, the customer always comes first.
We help sponsor the Toms River Halloween Parade web site.

Automotive coolant service in Toms River - call us!

Prevent this!
Get your Seasonal
 Check-up   NOW!
Belts - Hose - Thermostats - Coolant Flush - Radiator check - Clamps - etc. tec

FACT: Engine Coolant wears out, and not changing it WILL eventually damage your engine over time.
 Car and Driver Magazine

Great Personal Service and
Small Business
Fleet Rates Too!

Have a fleet of vehicles for your local business?
Call us for competitive fleet service for your cars and light trucks!

2291 Massachusetts Ave., Toms River, New Jersey  08755

When you need car repair or auto maintenance in Toms River call Family Auto Care. 732-244-5332

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